One thing we enjoy so much is hearing how our pups are doing. I get a lot of photos and I hate to see them sit in my files on the computer, so with permission, I will post some of our "Pups All Grown Up" In some cases a brief story from the owner about the antics of their dog will be included.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carson & Emma

I wanted to send some more pics for you guys to see. They are growing fast – 16 lbs on their check-up 10 days ago. This is a shocker – but Carson may end up being a tri-color. He now has a very distinct brown stripe on the underside of his tail, and brown stripes where the black and white meet on the backs of his legs and a little on the front side of his back leg. Just like you said, he is going to be a beautiful dog. Emma is so driven. She is such a character and boy does she have a temper. She gets mad and whines and pouts like a little kid. She is definitely going to be the ball dog. The cool thing is that she has motivated our red BC Lucy into chasing the ball. We gave them baths last weekend because my family was coming to meet them and they did just wonderfully. We have grown to love them very much. Hope you enjoy the pics. From the Owners of Emma & Carson and Lucy

When Carson was born, I knew he was a keeper. I love White Face dogs and he had one. The only problem, we had six Border Collies and we did not need another one, no matter how much we wanted him, but he sure was cute and very loveable. After he was checked out with the Vet, he was available for sale. Many people loved his markings, but they wanted a female. One couple had picked a little girl but kept going back to Carson. He was the apple of their eye, but they wanted a girl, then Carson, a girl, then Both. Both Emma and Carson went home together and lived happily ever after with Lucy. Oh, and the rest of the story, I bought a White Face Dog. His name is “Shepp” and we have six very loving dogs and it is Good. Ken

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