One thing we enjoy so much is hearing how our pups are doing. I get a lot of photos and I hate to see them sit in my files on the computer, so with permission, I will post some of our "Pups All Grown Up" In some cases a brief story from the owner about the antics of their dog will be included.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Keely is absolutely the light of my life!!!  I love her with all my heart, and, I believe, the feeling is mutual!! She is as great a dog as I knew she would be.   She is a very happy, mostly fearless, very well socialized and greatly loved dog.

I take her everywhere with me. She has met, literally, hundreds of people--of all ages and sizes. She has met a number of dogs and has about a weekly play date with friends' dogs.
 I have taken her to many, many different parks and Woods (Sharon Woods, Winton Woods, Miami Whitewater Forest--that was on Saturday and I let her off-leash and she had a BLAST and ran through a creek!!). There is a park in walking distance from my house (though it's a bit small and drab), which makes a good hour's walk, and we'll go there if we don't drive to a prettier one. She rides very happily in a Kennel Cab I bought for the car (course she also loves the treats  She's usually tired out from our vigorous walk in Winton Woods, and plays quietly chewing on a bully stick or some other more special toy.
 We normally go for an hour's walk in the morning and another 30-45 minute walk later in the day. Or she has a play-date. If the weather is too bad (and we have rarely missed a day since the beginning, no matter WHAT the weather!!!), we do a lot of vigorous playing. She has many, many toys (I can't resist!) and she enjoys them all! I keep her with me all the time. 
 Right now she is at my feet, happily gnawing on a huge bone. She is 95% housebroken, and has been since the first week or two. She only has accidents when I miss her cues. She gives me lots of kisses and I talk to her constantly. When she meets someone new, she sits sweetly with one leg slightly out and wags her tail. She rarely jumps on people and is very well-behaved. She knows how to sit, come, down, but I haven't worked on more things for a while. I am going to take her to Puppy Obedience classes starting on the 14th.
 I do let her play outside by herself, but rarely longer than 30-45 minutes at a time. We also throw balls out there (she loves to fetch, and views it as her work!!) I am thinking about getting her into Frisbee and, eventually, agility competition.

If you would like to visit the farm with your dog, we have two options.  The first is a play day and you can come and hike and play in the water.  If you have a rescue dog that needs socialization with other dogs no matter where you got it from they too can come.  In both cases, they need to be up on shots and you must provide records and as always, it's free.  Its our way to give back to the breed.

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